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60 Series Coupler Interchange

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60 Series Hydraulic Coupler Interchange
Parker Dixon Snaptite Tomco Safeway Aeroquip Foster Hansen
B60-2-2 H1-62 N/A N/A TH1-11 S105-1 FD45-1003-2-2 H1S 1-H-11
B60-4-4 H2-62 16-263 72C-4-4F TH2-16 S105-2 FD45-1003-4-4 H2S 2-H-16
B60-6-6 H3-62 16-363 72C-6-6F TH3-21 S105-3 FD45-1003-6-6 H3S 3-H-21
B60-8-8 H4-62 16-463 72C-8-8F TH4-26 S105-4 FD45-1003-8-8 H4S 4-H-26
B60-12-12 H6-62 16-663 72C-12-12F TH6-31 S105-6 FD45-1003-12-12 H6S 6-H-31
B60-16-16 H8-62 16-863 72C-16-16F TH8-36 S105-8 FD45-1003-16-16 H8S 8-H-36
B60-20-20 H12-62L N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A 12-H-41
B60-24-24 H12-62N N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A 12-H-46
B60-2-2B BH1-60 N/A N/A TH1-11-002 BS105-1 FD45-1101-2-2 H1B B1-H-11
B60-4-4B BH2-60 B16-263 B72C-4-4F TH2-16-002 BS105-2 FD45-1101-4-4 H2B B2-H-16
B60-6-6B BH3-60 B16-363 B72C-6-6F TH3-21-002 BS105-3 FD45-1101-6-6 H3B B3-H-21
B60-8-8B BH4-60 B16-463 B72C-8-8F TH4-26-002 BS105-4 FD45-1101-8-8 H4B B4-H-26
B60-12-12B BH6-60 B16-663 B72C-12-12F TH6-31-002 BS105-6 FD45-1101-12-12 H6B B6-H-31
B60-16-16B BH8-60 B16-863 B72C-16-16F TH8-36-002 BS105-8 FD45-1101-16-16 H8B B8-H-36
B60-2-2SS SH1-62 N/A N/A TH1-11-303 SS105-1 FD45-1005-2-2 H1S/S LL1-H-11
B60-4-4SS SH2-62 SS16-263 S72C-4-4F TH2-16-303 SS105-2 FD45-1005-4-4 H2S/S LL2-H-16
B60-6-6SS SH3-62 SS16-363 S72C-6-6F TH3-21-303 SS105-3 FD45-1005-6-6 H3S/S LL3-H-21
B60-8-8SS SH4-62 SS16-463 S72C-8-8F TH4-26-303 SS105-4 FD45-1005-8-8 H4S/S LL4-H-26
B60-12-12SS SH6-62 SS16-663 S72C-12-12F TH6-31-303 SS105-6 FD45-1005-12-12 H6S/S LL6-H-31
B60-16-16SS SH8-62 SS16-863 S72C-16-16F TH8-36-303 SS105-8 FD45-1005-16-16 H8S/S LL8-H-36
B60-20-20SS SH12-62L N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A LL10-H-41
B60-24-24SS SH12-62N N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A LL12-H-46
B60-2P H1-65M N/A N/A TH1D S14-1 FD45-1041-2 H1DP P-SDC-1-HK
B60-4P H2-65M 16-002 72PDP-4 TH2D S14-2 FD45-1041-4 H2DP P-SDC-2-HK
B60-6P H3-65M 16-003 72PDP-6 TH3D S14-3 FD45-1041-6 H3DP P-SDC-3-HK
B60-8P H4-65M 16-004 72PDP-8 TH4D S14-4 FD45-1041-8 H4DP P-SDC-4-HK
B60-12P H6-65M 16-006 72PDP-12 TH6D S14-6 FD45-1041-12 H6DP P-SDC-6-HK
B60-16P H8-65M 16-008 72PDP-16 TH8D S14-8 FD45-1041-16 H8DP P-SDC-8-HK
B60-24P H12-65 N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A
P60-2-2 H1-63 N/A N/A TK1-11 S101-1 FD45-1002-2-2 K1S 1-K-11
P60-4-4 H2-63 17-263 72N-4-4F TK2-16 S101-2 FD45-1002-4-4 K2S 2-K-16
P60-6-6 H3-63 17-363 72N-6-6F TK3-21 S101-3 FD45-1002-6-6 K3S 3-K-21
P60-8-8 H4-63 17-463 72N-8-8F TK4-26 S101-4 FD45-1002-8-8 K4S 4-K-26
P60-12-12 H6-63 17-663 72N-12-12F TK6-31 S101-6 FD45-1002-12-12 K6S 6-K-31
P60-16-16 H8-63 17-863 72N-16-16F TK8-36 S101-8 FD45-1002-16-16 K8S 8-K-36
P60-20-20 H12-63L N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A 12-K-41
P60-24-24 H12-63N N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A 12-K-46
P60-2-2B BH1-61 N/A N/A TK1-11-002 BS101-1 FD45-1086-2-2 K1B B1-K-11
P60-4-4B BH2-61 B17-263 B72N-4-4F TK2-16-002 BS101-2 FD45-1086-4-4 K2B B2-K-16
P60-6-6B BH3-61 B17-363 B72N-6-6F TK3-21-002 BS101-3 FD45-1086-6-6 K3B B3-K-21
P60-8-8B BH4-61 B17-463 B72N-8-8F TK4-26-002 BS101-4 FD45-1086-8-8 K4B B4-K-26
P60-12-12B BH6-61 B17-663 B72N-12-12F TK6-31-002 BS101-6 FD45-1086-12-12 K6B B6-K-31
P60-16-16B BH8-61 B17-863 B72N-16-16F TK8-36-002 BS101-8 FD45-1086-16-16 K8B B8-K-36
P60-2-2SS SH1-63 N/A N/A TK1-11-303 SS101-1 FD45-1004-2-2 K1S/S LL1-K-11
P60-4-4SS SH2-63 SS17-263 S72N-4-4F TK2-16-303 SS101-2 FD45-1004-4-4 K2S/S LL2-K-16
P60-6-6SS SH3-63 SS17-363 S72N-6-6F TK3-21-303 SS101-3 FD45-1004-6-6 K3S/S LL3-K-21
P60-8-8SS SH4-63 SS17-463 S72N-8-8F TK4-26-303 SS101-4 FD45-1004-8-8 K4S/S LL4-K-26
P60-12-12SS SH6-63 SS17-663 S72N-12-12F TK6-31-303 SS101-6 FD45-1004-12-12 K6S/S LL6-K-31
P60-16-16SS SH8-63 SS17-863 S72N-16-16F TK8-36-303 SS101-8 FD45-1004-16-16 K8S/S LL8-K-36
P60-20-20SS SH12-63L N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A LL12-K-41
P60-24-24SS SH12-63N N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A LL12-K-46
P60-4C H2-66M 17-002 72PDC-4 TK2D S19-2 FD45-1040-4 N/A P-PDC-2-HK
P60-6C H3-66M 17-003 72PDC-6 TK3D S19-3 FD45-1040-6 N/A P-PDC-3-HK
P60-8C H4-66M 17-004 72PDC-8 TK4D S19-4 FD45-1040-8 N/A P-PDC-4-HK
P60-12C H6-66M 17-006 72PDC-12 TK6D S19-6 FD45-1040-12 N/A P-PDC-6-HK
P60-16C H8-66M 17-008 72PDC-16 TK8D S19-8 FD45-1040-16 N/A P-PDC-8-HK
P60-24C H12-66 N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A

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